Sunday, June 27, 2010

By the time I completed this page, I was no longer pissed off at everything but was starving and I still had a distinct lack of inspiration, motivation, sketch books and money!

So... now it's starting to look like a have some kind of Chris Downes obsession - but if you've seen his work you'd understand why his comics stick in my head - and why I hold him in such high esteem... It's an "I wish I could draw like Chris Downes" obsession!

As you may have noticed - I have not got an image for everyday! This is because I was going insane! I realised that having a certain quality of work everyday, meant that I missed out on a certain quality of life! I also came to the conclusion that some days just aren't exciting enough to make a comic out of them!
So whilst I am still drawing everyday - I am not trying to complete a comic everyday!
I'm hoping that by pacing things a little better I will be able to produce better comics in the long run - without the pressure of having to cram it all in in one day!

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