Sunday, June 27, 2010

By the time I completed this page, I was no longer pissed off at everything but was starving and I still had a distinct lack of inspiration, motivation, sketch books and money!

So... now it's starting to look like a have some kind of Chris Downes obsession - but if you've seen his work you'd understand why his comics stick in my head - and why I hold him in such high esteem... It's an "I wish I could draw like Chris Downes" obsession!

As you may have noticed - I have not got an image for everyday! This is because I was going insane! I realised that having a certain quality of work everyday, meant that I missed out on a certain quality of life! I also came to the conclusion that some days just aren't exciting enough to make a comic out of them!
So whilst I am still drawing everyday - I am not trying to complete a comic everyday!
I'm hoping that by pacing things a little better I will be able to produce better comics in the long run - without the pressure of having to cram it all in in one day!

The Portrait

OK - This is a photograph of the original portrait of me by Chris Downes.
I have left it in it's plastic bag for its on protection!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This isn't a great reproduction of this image - but I really thought it was worth posting.
My 3 year old niece came home from day care with a drawing she'd done in orange texta, and I collaborated with her to turn it into a portrait of me.
Perhaps it's an ego thing to see images of yourself in everything!?

The New 12

OK folks... 12 new drawings for y'all!

In the last panel above, that's supposed to be a seal on the beach! Pity I couldn't draw it!
Apologies also for my dodgy drawings of waves!

I know this is dated 0405 - but that was just a brain malfunction on my part!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Further Travels

Here we go! I know I took so long to get these up - but as you can see I've not slacked off on the drawing side of things at least!
I apologise again for the quality of the images - but I still have no access to a scanner and am still taking photos of the images to post!

In this last one I tried using brush and ink without any pencil work!
It's a bit messy but not to bad!