Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Travels

OK... So... I know I promised to blog before this - but actually it's really hard to find reception for either your phone or your internet when you're driving/camping from Victoria to Western Australia!
I'm now in Albany on the South coast of W.A. and (obviously) am able to get online!

I have, however, been drawing every day - I do have drawings fro the days between the last one posted and today - but haven't got them digitalised yet!

I apologise again for the poor quality of the images! After being in the car - and drawing on my lap fro so long- the sketch books have developed quite a curl to the pages - I couldn't figure out how to remedy this in the editing program I am using at the moment! Hopefully the next few will be scanned properly!

All of the drawings are true events - but the best is yet to come...

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