Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Plan

OK folks...
Here it is... I'm laying it all down plan youse!

My partner, our beagle and myself are about to embark on a driving trip from Victoria to Western Australia. So far we have moved out of our house in Ballarat, spent a week or so with my family in Melbourne, and are currently staying with my partner's (Viv) parents in Warracknabeal. Tomorrow the real travels begin, as we leave the comfort zone's and head into the wild unknowns!

For me this is all very exciting, as I've seen very little of what lies between Victoria and Western Australia - actually I've seen nothing of what lies between Victoria and Western Australia!

But the thing the concerns you loving folk the most is the fact that I plan to be a much more conscientious blogger!

THE PLAN is to attempt to do a drawing every day - and to blog at least once a week! I will not specify a day of the week as yet - but I think that in the future i will endeavour to blog on the same day every week!

YOUR MISSION (if you choose to accept it) is to make sure I don't slack off!

I will use this space to apologise for the possibly poor quality of imagery from here on in - as I will be working from digital photographs of the original work!

But I AM determined to be a better blogger!

I suppose there is nothing else to say... so in the words of the Master Horrocks I will...

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